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Marta Zamarska is an emerging Polish artist and the runner-up of Back to Nature Showdown on Saatchi Art with her painting that judge Ged Quinn described as "Monet meets Edward Hopper." Her painting "A Railway Impression II" was exhibited in the Saatchi gallery in London. Marta Zamarska is one of 12 artists included in Invest in Art Part II on Saatchi Art. She was also featured in the Best of 2013 on Saatchi Art.

In 2008 she graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Painting. The Diploma with honours under the artistic supervision of prof. Krzysztof Wachowiak (painting), prof. Dorota Grynczel (batik, artistic fabrics), dr Piotr Szubert (theoretical part). The Railway Journal is devoted to railway, which has been the dominant theme in the artistic creation by Marta Zamarska for many years.

In addition, her works are in numerous private collections in Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Canada, the UK, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Australia, Taiwan, as well as in the private collection of the German Ambassador.

Marta Zamarska is also a qualified English teacher. She graduated from the Teachers Training College in Cieszyn, as well as the American Studies Center, Warsaw University, where she specialized in American culture and literature. M.A thesis under the supervision of dr Krystyna Mazur concerns the influence of painting, music and dance on the structure of Frank O'Hara's poetry ("Aesthetics of Open Form: a Study of the Relations between Frank O' Hara's Poetry, Modern Painting, Music and Dance").

The artist comes from Ustroń and likes mountains and mountain cycling. She trained modern dance for many years and this subject is another inspiration for her artistic creation. In 2007 she took part in Solo&Duo Dance Festival.